About us

L'équipe iNNERSHiP au complet


iNNERSHiP was created in Montreal in 2013 by a collective of passionate managers, HR and coaches, coping daily wich change and transformation.

What if each employee felt empowered, proactive, and committed to change?

What if everyone was empowered to genuinely take the lead in their own development, aligned with the needs of their changing orgnanisation?

For us, change can only be successful if everyone finds it meaningful and takes ownership in an authentic way, able to make a link with their real aspirations, strengths and talents.

Our values


We are inspired by Lean and Agile methods, both for us and for our customers. We love co-construction.


Feeling fulfilled at work is necessary to achieve excellence and embrace change. It keeps us moving forward over time with the right level of energy.


To work together efficiently and with pleasure, sincere caring generates trust and transparency. Amongst our team, partners and customers.


This constructive mindset allows us to grasp challenges as opportunities, and to continuously improve ourselves.

Our team

Caroline Jost

Caroline Jost

Lead Experience and Sales
North America Business Partner
Content Expert

Thomas d'Hauteville

Thomas d'Hauteville

Lead Strategy and Finance
Europe Business Partner
France & Portugal

charlotte landrevie

Charlotte Landrevie

Lead Customer Experience and HR
Project manager
Content Expert

Thibault Chazal, Product Manager

Thibault Chazal

Product Manager

Amélie Bruguier

Administrative Lead

Pauline Borrel

Lead Communications & Marketing
Canada & France

Stéphane Caramanno, développeur fullstack iNNERSHIP

Stéphane Caramanno

Fullstack Developer

James Entwistle

Fullstack Developer

Florence Alsina

Mobile Developer

Manon Lachaize, partenaire d'affaires iNNERSHIP

Manon Lachaise

Business partner

A network of a hundred certified coaches

Any iNNERSHiP program includes individualized human support. Depending on your needs and the target population, this support can be provided within your company by internal coaches, mentors or even peer-coaches.

However, it can also be provided by our professional iNNERSHiP certified coaches.
iNNERSHiP has rigorously selected and tested all of its coaches on the basis of their passion, their professionalism, their efficiency but also their diplomas and level of experience. For example, here are the profiles of some of them

Anne de Solages – Canada
  • Coach certified CPCC and ACC
  • Specialist in intercultural contexts, change management and career development
  • 20 years of international experience – in 6 countries, 3 continents – Team & Leadership coaching
  • Keywords: dynamism, action and listening
Marie Gardom – Londres
  • Certified coach and expert in business development
  • Master a wide range of self-knowledge tools to help people identify their next step or leadership style
  • Keywords: listening, questioning, optimism
Anna Suchodolski – France
  • Certified coach (LKB Associates and Agil’OA) and trained in Process Com, public speaking, time management, project management
  • 17 years in business (law firms, pharmaceutical industry, digital) and 15 years of managerial experience (direct and transverse)
  • Specialized in team support and leadership development
Maryline Prouet – France
  • Certified Coaching Academy, MOTIVA, MBTI (OPP), CCTI (OSIRIS), MOTIVA
  • A desire: Boost your potential!
  • 15 years in industry as training and professional development manager
  • Keywords : enthusiasm, thoroughness, humor, listening and sharing
Florence Roisin Van Loon – Sénégal (Dakar)
  • Certified Executive Coach (PPCC) and intercultural facilitator
  • Leadership & team coaching
  • 20 years of international experiences in 6 different countries
  • Keywords: presence, trust, cocreation & action-driven
Jean-Pierre Guichenez – France
  • Individual & executive coaching
  • Systemic coaching, orientation, solution, NLP, cultural transformation (BVC)
  • Engineer Centrale Paris. 33 years of experiences in the software industry  
  • Keywords: listening, kindness, simplicity
Philippe Dellière – France
  • Certified coach and expert in the success of managers
  • Executive coaching and Team coaching
  • 30 years of experiences & Business partner
  • Keywords : diversity, responsibility, dialogue

Ready to reach your iNNERSHiP?

We look forward to meeting you!

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