How it started

Title: How it started.

Our own needs

iNNERSHiP was born when we decided to address our own professional and personal needs. So that we could:

  • focus on what really matters to us
  • work on something meaningful
  • use our own strengths to our full potential
  • feel engaged and happy at work
  • be authentic, surrounded by people we appreciate and trust.

How can I be (even) happier at work?

At some point in our careers we all face the epic question – what do we really want to do for a living? – this, without fail, leads on to others such as:

What is meaningful to me? Am I using my full potential? I have professional goals, aspirations and dreams, but what should I do next to reach them? How can I start? And what if I fail?

People we appreciate

While asking ourselves these questions, we wandered if anyone could help. We thought of our friends, colleagues and even family. People we appreciate and trust.

We also came to realise that we might be able to help them.

However… do we really know their true aspirations, their doubts, or their dreams? Are we part of their inner circle? Do we give the relationships in our lives the attention they deserve?

Could we help? If so, how?

We believe that very specific and reliable networks – small, personal, meaningful, based on trust, could be extremely powerful.

Methodologies and tools

Meaningful projects and ambitions can be so difficult to define; let alone tackle day to day. Drifting off task and loosing focus can be very easy, especially when you are on your own.

There are many proven theories and methodologies that exist and are available. Hundreds of books deal with happiness at work – some can be very powerful.

But who has the time and discipline to go through them… and actually apply them?

Could we find a way to condense them into something practical, simple and fun?

We created iNNERSHiP

We wanted to address these challenges. We wanted people to define what was really important to them; to take the lead on what matters most in a practical, simple, yet powerful way.

We felt something was missing. So we built iNNERSHiP.

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