Knowing what you want and being courageous to make aligned choices

Making a choice. Getting oneself started.Taking responsibility. Giving up other possibilities.

How many of us really master this art? Personally, I prefer to have the choice although I don’t

like choosing. I have come to understand that it is part of my nature. I like being open to

possibilities, and I welcome original ideas. That is pretty good. But then in professional life

when you do not make clear choices, you could get overwhelmed, carried by the wind maybe

towards beautiful horizons, but often times far away from who you really are or who you want

to be.

We often want to do everything, without choosing, without setting any limits but the result is

that we also develop the habit of not clearly positioning ourselves. At any given stage of your

life, you will identify with such a person who gets carried away sometimes to be reasonable,

sometimes guided by fear, sometimes mindful of the perception of others.

The worst choice

The worst choice you could possibly make would be to not choose! Once you step aside, you

get lost. There is no good or bad choice. The important is to make a choice for our choices

characterise and define us. Taking responsibility of a choice is a concrete action which tells

who we are or who we want to be and portrays admirable courage. A strong choice to, for

example, leave a job that no longer suits us to start a project which counts for us is neither a

good nor a bad choice. Nevertheless, it is a reflection of our innermost motivations, what we

really are after. Whatever the reason, people around us will get to better understand what

gets to motivate our choices and who we are. They will give us the recognition.

On self-esteem

A choice that is made consciously and taken responsibility of can only bring self-esteem and

never any regret, whatever the outcome. In a like manner, somebody who is motivated

enough to voluntarily decide to remain in a difficult situation makes a choice which is equally

admirable. What is not admirable, however, is to bear a situation as if there were no choice.

There is always a choice! But then, what we often times lack is the courage to take

responsibility of the implications of our choices and the profound aspirations they translate.

INNERSHIP was born of a strong choice and incarnates the capacity to get into motion from

a profound aspiration.

These passionate moments are those we remember in a lifetime!


Caroline Jost @iNNERSHiP

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