How it works

Simple and efficient. The iNNERSHiP solution is backed by science and a powerful technology. But, above all, it is an innovative human-centered approach.


Depending on your needs and the target population, we adjust the best suited development pathway including digital + coaching + collective workshops.


Participants start their development journey during a collective kick-off session. The adventure will last between 3 and 6 months, following the 4 milestones of the GROW model.


We continuously measure the success of the change, the impact on engagement and progress against objectives.


We run a closing session to share best practices and to celebrate progress ; everyone commits to an individual action plan to anchor the change over time.

The power of Blended Coaching

Collective workshops

Collective workshops allow participants to meet in a cohort spirit and share common goals together:
- Face-to-face or 100% remote
- Based on co-development
- Designed to further strengthen the link between the needs of the organization and each of the participants

A digital pathway

Our digital pathways offer a structuring, interactive, simple and fun experience:
- Available on smartphone, tablet or computers and synchronized in real time
- Integrate the latest scientific research and existing best practices
- Can be deployed as a ready-to-use solution or can be fully customized to include the specificities of your organization, your people, your culture, tools and processes
- 100% confidential, designed as a space to take a step back with authenticity and awareness

Coaching, peer-coaching or mentoring

Each participant benefits from a human, individualized, caring and efficient support. Depending on your objectives and target populations, this support is provided by a certified iNNERSHiP coach, or by your own internal coaches, or even mentors, sponsors or peer-coaches within your company. This continuous coaching takes place through :
- online chat discussions
- regular face-to-face discussions

Because safety matters

Consideration of privacy and respect for personal data throughout the design

Respect, protection and security of personal data, in accordance with North-American + European GDPR regulation

Only one authentication

Modification of the data in order to make it impossible to attach it to their authors


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