Achieve your professional aspirations
Help others succeed


It all started with our own needs. The need to focus on the things that really matter. To work on something meaningful. To develop our own strengths and unlock our full potential. To be engaged and fulfilled in our working lives. To be authentic, surrounded by people we appreciate and trust. We also realized how universal this need is. So we built iNNERSHiP.

What is iNNERSHiP?


  1. Create your Project It can be anything: develop a new skill; reduce stress at work; find your dream job; move abroad; create your own business…
  2. Use Keys to move forward Keys are questions and challenges. They are the actionable implementation of the most efficient techniques in self-development, goal-achievement, career management and coaching.
  3. Invite Companions Companions are people you already know and trust. They want you to succeed. The more they help, the higher status they get.
  4. Focus on the positive Strength-based approach. Based on the GROW model (Goal setting - Reality check - Opportunities - Way forward).


We are a small team of entrepreneurs based in Canada, France and the US. We rely on our Companions' great mix of experiences in design, coding, finances, human resources, coaching and neurosciences.


  • Emily Anne Graduate Student at McGill University I love Innership because it's changed the way I interact with my side projects, as well as my friends' projects. I can now give them the focus, clarity, and attention that they truly deserve.
  • Julien CEO Afribon Innership helped me structure my project. It became clearer, easier and lighter. It is a very powerful tool – I felt supported and guided throughout my challenging project.
  • Florence Certified coach and Founder of Axomega. A new and revolutionary way to achieve the challenges of your life... focusing on your strengths, supported by your companions and professional coaches.
  • Barbara Team Coordinator at Millward Brown To make dreams come true you need to understand them and clearly define them. Innership helped me understand what I really wanted, and is helping me get there.
  • Pierre International Business Developer at YellowScan Innership is the app that I’ve been wishing for without even knowing it. Just the obvious and yet revolutionary daily killer app for me. Not only my most challenging projects are becoming reality, but they seem easy and fun thanks to my companions, in a very fulfilling 'give-to-get' way.