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Transforming the Leadership Model

Goal : Following extensive collaborative work, Chronopost had created a new “managerial charter” with new values and a set of expected behaviours. The management wanted to deploy and anchor this new model in daily work, on all sites in France, while ensuring that everyone finds meaning in it and uses it with authenticity.
Solution: Roll-out started in February 2020, right before the pandemic. All managers benefited from a complete blended coaching programme called “Develop myself as a Chronopost leader” including collective workshops, a fully customized digital pathway, and individual coaching by certified iNNERSHiP coaches. Considering the pandemic stroke during roll-out, we adjusted some aspects of the programme to be 100% virtual, also including extra support for leaders requiring it.
Results: A new leadership culture was implemented and this change programme was highly appreciated by leaders as it was concrete and practical support through change, based on their respective needs. Participants of the programme became agents of the transformation, leading the way for their teams, trying out new ways of doing things, new routines, new behaviors thanks to the on going support of their coaches along the programme. The quality of the coaching has been highlighted and also the agility iNNERSHiP demonstrated all along the change programme.

Quickly integrate new hires and make them ready from the first day

Goal: Fast-growing company Axione (Bouygues Group) recruits hundreds of people every year. General management wants to develop a culture of empowerment and safety at work – starting with all new employees.
Solution: iNNERSHiP designed a custom program in which everyone is the hero. This 3-month path combines a digital journey with individual coaching by experienced mentors. This experience of individual coaching fits with existing training courses.
Results: Propel Axione culture and the importance of  safety and solidarity. New employees feel motivated from day 1 and learn quickly. Talent retention improved and the organization culture strengthened.

Empowering everyone in their professional mobility

Goal: Faced with numerous changes, an Air France Group management team wanted to give each individual greater responsibility for their career mobility projects, to make them take the lead on their own development.
Solution : They were offered an individual development program “My career project”, with individual support via the digital coaching solution iNNERSHiP, reinforced by remote group workshops ( ex: feedback training).  Each participant had to identify the Air France challenges, opportunities and constraints. The solution was created to understand each employee’s aspirations, anticipate the talent gaps and process to develop the talent.
Results : Development of a culture of empowerment, proactivity and openness to new perspectives. The participants feel a sense of action in their professional life and are clear about the company’s challenges. At the end, they all felt engaged in their future and current careers. 

A change programme to elevate leaders in Mozambique

Goal: Change required on the leadership culture to safely deliver on production targets and succeed in the long term. Move from an « instruct & conduct » leadership style to an empowering and coaching culture for operations to run smoothly.
Solution : Operational  leaders  applicating  for  the program  benefit  from  a  complete  individual development  program  during  5  months  with collective workshops, a  fully  customized  digital  path  available  in English, Portuguese and French and individual  coaching  sessions  by  certified iNNERSHiP coaches. A team of coaches – partly present on site – was able to guide the leaders throughout the experience,  with  great  spatio-temporal flexibility. Project update and reporting every 2 weeks with sponsor. Customized communication plan to get internal traction around the program.
Results :  A visible shift occurred.  Leaders experience a real transformation, there is a collective change  happening. Positive impacts were measured on health and safety indicators. Improved communication in between teams. 100% participant satisfaction. Participants asking for more. Site production and safety broke records 8 months after the start of the program.

Remobilizing after a social plan

Goal: Following a staff reduction, the CHSCT and the site management wanted to remobilize employees and allow everyone to look to the future positively and proactively.
Solution : The management proposed to 60 employees at all levels several development iNNERSHiP programmes according to their personal situation and preferences, so that they feel empowered and committed.
Results : The level of commitment and mobilization of the site has now clearly increased in just a few months. Employees have made the link between their personal aspirations and the challenges facing the site. The collective stance has changed, enabling each individual to become more proactive.

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